Frequently asked questions

What is Phone Validated Lead?

We use third-party services to validate phone numbers in real-time to ensure the phone numbers are active and good for a call. This provides better phone connectivity.

What is IP Validated Lead?

We use third-party services to ensure that leads we generate come from a valid IP address. This helps in reducing bad leads.

What is Lead Scoring?

We use third-party services to score each premium leads. Leads scoring helps understand the consumer perspective and identify the best contactable leads. This generates higher conversions.

How Many Times Are Leads Shared?

Shared leads are shared a maximum of two times. Though it’s a shared lead, it has a decent conversion rate; it is run through several validations before it reaches you.

After Signup, How Soon It Takes For Lead Delivery?

Once you complete your signup procedure. Your lead delivery will start immediately.

Can I Turn On/Off My Lead Account Anytime?

Yes, you can always turn on/off your lead account anytime.

Do You Have Any Lead Filters?

Yes, we do have lead filters on all insurance verticals. You can select the filter of your choice.

Do You Have Any Contract?

No, we do not have any contracts. You can activate or pause your account anytime.

How Do I Signup for CRM?

You can use your agent login to activate CRM or you can use signup page on the website.

What is the Pricing for CRM?

We have listed our CRM Pricing in the CRM Page of the website.

Can I Use Your CRM Without Buying Your Leads?

No. You can only use our CRM along with the purchase of our leads

Is There Any Deposit Required to use CRM?

No deposit is required to use our CRM. We offer a1 month free trial. After your free trial ends, you can select a plan that is convenient for you.

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